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Shipping Manager

  • Number2
  • WorkplaceChina
  • DealNegotiable
  • Release Date2013-05-21
  • ValidityNo limit



Due to expansion business, we are look for Shipping Manages, requirements are as follows:
1. Be familiar with all the details of shipping whole process, from booking space, make customs clearance information, to the port of destination customs clearance documents.
2. Responsible for the factory, the shipping company or shipping company, the customer, the contact between the booking and shipment arrangement, to ensure smooth loading shipment. Orders in a timely manner,
3. Familiar with the market, to DDP, the LDP trade form overseas customs clearance and delivery is very understanding
4. Assist finance to finish billing, tax, foreign exchange settlement and other such matters and overseas customer payment.
5. Coordinate the overseas delivery schedule, and arrange booking in time delivery, ensure the goods arrive on time, and the goods shipment tracking and finalized; To properly handle the freight in the emergency events;
6. And coordinate the freight forwarding company, reduce the cost.
7. Work with the customs, commodity inspection bureau, safe, bank, tax and other foreign communication, problem solving, have certain communication skills.
8. Make monthly sales report and delivery report, etc.
9. Have strong ability of management, training and management of the shipping department colleague, coordinate the relationship between this department and other department business.
10. Assist general manager in charge the daily administrative affairs.
11. Self-motivated, able to accept the challenge under pressure, teamwork spirit.
12. There are more than 10 years relevant work experience, English reading and writing ability, can communicate directly with overseas customers.
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