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celebrate website open for led flashlight manufactory


Celebrate  website open for led flashlight manufactory today.
Industry and Information Technology Vice Minister Xi Guohua will be led in mid-June visit to Taiwan of mainland technology industry. Visit Taiwan to promote the golden years plan, the first integration of cross-strait strategic industrial cooperation vision. This is from torchled-net, seamount china, amypaul lights.
    The mainland's Ministry of Industry recently announced the 2012 standardization priorities proposed will focus on the "12th Five-Year Plan and the development of key industries, to strengthen the strategic research standards to speed up the Internet of Things, new energy vehicles, and other important areas of standards development and revision, in order to maintain industrial The steady and rapid development of the communications industry do support led flashlight.
    Taiwan plans to lock LED flashlight, the Internet, Triple Play and other mainland into the column "second five" key areas, establish to promote cross-strait common standards. Ministry of Industry, 2012 will focus on the urgent need to develop the standard of the industry, increase the standard-setting efforts. These key industries, including the important areas of the Internet of things, energy conservation and new energy vehicles, triple play, semiconductor lighting and amend standards. Through the pilot to explore the standardization of model to be launched simultaneously on the industrial chain links, various types of products, standard setting, the formation of important areas of the standard comprehensive cover and a matching situation.
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