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Agricultural lighting will be LED torch development of new space


With the continuous development of modern agriculture, agricultural lighting demand and energy consumption is expanding, LED torch as a new generation of light sources, in addition to environmental protection and energy saving features, compared to the artificial light of the agricultural areas of commonly used fluorescent or high pressure sodium , with the amount of light adjustable light quality adjustable cooling load is low and allowed to raise the amount of per unit area cultivated, on the closed environment of the environmental control of agricultural production, such as plant tissue culture lab is a very suitable artificial light. At the same time has great potential for applications in breeding, microalgae cultivation.
    At present, mainland agricultural lighting began to adopt LED, such as Shaanxi Yangling Agricultural Demonstration Zone to establish solar PV LED plant factory. In addition to some applications, LED torch in the field of agriculture-related technology research and development has become more attention. The end of 2010, organized by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences "plant factory innovation conference", and the Netherlands, Philips Lighting, Japan's Mitsubishi Chemical, Panasonic (China) Electrician, Taiwan Everlight Yangtze Electric, Olin Group, and dozens of international the well-known companies signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the LED plant lighting, nutrient solution formulations, and other areas of technology innovation, market development agreement, entered into a strategic alliance. With the development of LED torch technology, many domestic and foreign manufacturers have to enter the agricultural lighting LED lighting field in the agricultural competition is carried out quietly.
    Is the angle from the perspective of promoting the development of modern agriculture, or energy saving LED used in agriculture has a very important significance to the status of agriculture and development needs for the LED torch provides opportunities for development.
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