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The 2012 LED City accounted for the amount to be raised to 15%


    The South Korean government 2012 LED market share increased by 8.3% in 2008 to 15 percent, and to develop a series of fostering the strengthening of LED industry-related policies, to accelerate the popularity of the intensity of the LED torch in Korea.
    Korea will be the city as the center to expand the use of LED torch apparatus. As of April 2010, Seoul, South Korea, public institutions as a whole about 930,000 lighting fixtures, of which 17 percent has been replaced by LED torch apparatus, and plans all lighting fixtures in the public institutions of Seoul in 2020 to replace the LED.
    Lighting in the car, the relevant department of the Korea Railroad's $ 1.3 billion to 80 million won, scheduled for the end of 2010, 200 vehicles, lighting equipment energy-saving replacement LED, after a phased replacement of the remaining 1800.
    Home lighting, due to price factors, Korean ordinary household penetration rate of only 2%, South Korea Ministry of Knowledge Economy plans to provide subsidies to the object LED torch to buy a chicken farm, residential and shopping street gold, large-scale construction of the private sector to provide financing named "ESCO".
In addition, the Korean government plans to 2012, investment of more than 1 trillion won development chip, is also scheduled to increase investment in research and development to new areas of LED torch industry, to ensure that South Korea has the world's leading technology.
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