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Foxconn will be Yu Qiakuai show the latest scientific LED flashlight, lighting, etc.


Foxconn Technology Group will be held May 19-22 to attend in Chongqing at the "14th China (Chongqing) International Investment and Global Sourcing Fair" (referred to as "Yu Qiakuai"), and buyers, supporting plants such as GF invitation.
    Invited to participate in the Taiwan businessmen said Foxconn's invitation, said this will be "Digital China (Professional, Digital, Smart, Cloud, Mobile), multi-screen and a cloud (Multi-Display & the Inter-Cloud)" The theme in this exhibition, covering cloud technology, nanotechnology, triple play, broadband networks, LED color, LED flashlight illumination, flat panel display, the latest scientific and technological achievements of the Group of precision mold processing technology, NB and related accessories. Invited to participate in person In addition to Foxconn's traditional buyers, supporting plants, as well as equipment manufacturers and the mainland part of the Taiwan Business Association leaders invited to participate.
    Foxconn is currently the base in Chongqing produces notebook computers, computer monitors production line will be set up in Chongqing, HP 17-21 inch display, put into operation, annual output will reach 10 million units, the output value reached 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, but also with to $ 2.5 billion industry opportunities.
    In order to reduce logistics costs, Foxconn hope that the larger the procurement volume in Chongqing, inconvenient to transport the LED flashlight lighting parts. The volume of chips and other small parts can be transported from the field to come.
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