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LED flashlight lighting supplement technical success for flower production


Denmark KnudJepsen breeding companies in order to foster longevity take "the queen" series (high cold dishes of) is well-known, recently the company made a improvement, not new in greenhouse, under the premise of were increased longevity take "the queen" series production area, this is just a try in the area was also installed the LED flashlight filling light module will achieve.
KnudJepsen breeding companies is a Danish macrobian flower "the queen" series of world famous breeding and producers in Denmark and the card at (hinnercup). The company covers an area of 120000 square meters production facilities, high automation and good operation efficiency is important to the success of an company kept secret. After continuous exploration, the new production process are flowing out company three years ago and philips electrical cooperation, he LED flashlight lighting filling light application in the company "the queen" series macrobian flower production potential for cooperation.
Has gradually been trying in production process in use
The company research and development department manager Kate ? LongNi said: according to the test in laboratory small range situation, the different types of LED flashlight light source on longevity are the growth of flowers are obviously good results, and at the same time, he also announced a LED light source used to live longer only flashlight peanut long test results. Company executive chairman f LanCi ? LiuPuSen said: "the two test results clearly demonstrated the, the LED flashlight fill light, but still need to be feasible in technology widely promoted to determine the use of the reliability".
The company plans to the next step was also extended to the area from the seedling every link with philips LED flashlight filling light module, filling light module will be placed in the seedbed of below, which changes ever turn each link in dark seedlings.
The experiment process from problems continue to dawn is beginning
To solve the seedlings for insufficient light area also caused the problem of poor plant growth, the original plan in seedbed install proper under the fill light to solve the actual problem, are under the bed and give up space is not enough, but now have LED light source all flashlight into reality, not only in the area can be also used to control the flashlight LED light source plant growth, and produced more flexible, without also frequently seedbed.
It is due to take the LED flashlight filling light technology, the company so enlarge production area of 1200 square meters, and use in good condition, and another 1800 square meters of area will also be installed in recent months. LED flashlight light source can be easily installed to existing sliding seedbed rack, the problem is to plant in place just LED flashlight light to begin to work, but this issue has through the computer programming can be settled.
Test the work is still on
The company constantly experiment is to grasp the future large-scale use LED flashlight light source of experience data, originally to solve the problems in plant stretch also installed the red and blue lights area, now in the whole production process if chooses LED flashlight light sources for filling light of words, he will have to consider the choice has the LED flashlight complex color light source, and LED flashlight a big advantage is that it can be for plant growth need to provide composite light source. The result of the test is enough to make me believe: the LED flashlight can become promote plant growth of the main light source, I even in the future may not want to add greenhouse. Due to the low cost use LED flashlight, the LED flashlight filling light technology in the future will see a lot of application, especially in the energy increasingly expensive today, will come soon.
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