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How to choose our products?


The products of our company are divided into 10 series,  detailed of choose and buy is as follows. Also we supply OEM service if you need.
T series LED Tactical Flashlight( Model No. "T" start) :
LED Tactical flashlight its high temperature performance, seal performance, anti-corrosion, durable performance meet the military and law enforcement personnel demand. At the same time in order to match the special military demand, such as 500 meters long effective, even more than 1000m; Filter colour design; attack head design; The tail line control design, and so on.
L series LED search flashlight (Model No. "L" start) :
Search the flashlight super-long shoting and good floodlight function for patrol, maritime rescue, field relief provides favorable safeguard.
M series LED mini flashlight (Model No. "M" start) :
Mini flashlight is small volume and the perfect combination of high brightness. To condense the cabinet, and the simplicity of the design concept, can carry if need at any time.
D series LED diving flashlight (Model No. "D" start) :
Diving flashlight is used for wet, diving, homework for fishing and hunting users of the research and development of outdoor a super performance flashlight, this product extremely waterproof properties.
S series LED explosion-proof flashlight (Model No. "S" start) :
Security in emergency relief moment flashlight total can reflect it unique characteristics. Harsh conditions (fire, hot work, mining, etc) , performance is remarkable, more durable.
H series LED headlights (Model No. "H" start):
LED headlights , outdoor series design, good, comfortable wearing, high brightness, endurance is long, outdoor activities super partner.
B series LED bicycle lights (Model No. "B" start) :
Numbers rules. Easy to use, and brightness is strong, let your wider perspectives; Deft appearance, solid structure, is the best partner to travel home.
how to choose led torch?
P police LED Flashlight series (Model No. "P" / "T" start) :
It is very suitable for Police, we build-in many new functions for led flashlight, like Camera, DV, DV , laser function, when police use it and very easy to get data for every accident. Some time also can use as tactical flashlight, finish, out door and so on.
E Middle east flashlight series (Model No. like 2S 3S 4S 5S AA 2AA 2D 3D 4D 5D 2SC 3SC 4SC) :
It is suitable for Middle east area and compliance with local market, also religious customs characteristics.
Light Color: White(standard), also you can make Blue, Green, Yellow and other light color for every models if you need.
Body Color: Most of our products are black color, but we accept OEM any color if you have big order.
In addition to the above products, you also can choose related Common accessories and  Tactical accessories.
After you join in our distributors/brand agent / Dealer, you can see our newest products and get a good profit.
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