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LED flashlight as traffic lights product advantage


At present, the super bright LED flashlight replace incandescent lamp, used for traffic signal lamp, warning lights, symbol lamp has already spread all over the world, compared with incandescent lamp, LED flashlight traffic lights advantage is less consumption, long service life, and can dramatically improve the brightness, become the future traffic lights ideal light source.
1. Quick response:
Tungsten halogen bulbs, not LED flashlight traffic light is fast response time, so as to reduce the hand in the accident.
Due to the traffic light the important role in urban transportation, every year there are a lot of traffic lights needs to update, then draw out a large market, after all, highly profitable but also to production and LED flashlight design, the development of the company, for the whole of the LED flashlight industry is also will produce the benign stimulation.
2. Save electricity:
LED flashlight light source in energy conservation in advantage is very clear and its significant is one of the features low energy consumption, the application of this to lamps and it is very meaningful. LED flashlight traffic light almost 100% LED flashlight excitation energy become visible light, and compared the incandescent light bulb has 80% become heat loss, only 20% become visible.
3. Low heat can:
LED by electricity directly into a flashlight is light source, the heat generated by the extremely low, almost no heat. LED flashlight traffic lights the cooling of the surface can avoid scalding maintenance personnel, and can get a long life.
4. Long life:
Lamp working environment is relatively poor, cold summer, weathered, thus to lamps and the reliability requirements of higher. General light incandescent light bulb with the average life span is 1000 h, low voltage halogen bulb tungsten the average life expectancy is 2000 h, this leads to a high maintenance. LED light flashlight traffic lights no filament shocks cause damage, while the less the glass broken problems.
5. Low visibility, better:
LED CREE flashlight traffic lights in the last light, the rain, dust and of bad weather conditions, still can maintain the good visibility and performance index. The light of a monochromatic light, LED flashlight, and don't need to produce the color piece of red, yellow, and green signal color; The light of the LED flashlight directional, and a certain degree of divergence Angle, it can be used in the light of abandoning traditional of the spherical reflector. The characteristics of the LED flashlight solve the existing traditional lights of illusion (commonly known as false show) and color piece of faded and to improve efficiency.
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