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2012 the end of the world, what is most suitable for EDC led flashlight?


As we all know, whether the Maya prophecy, or all kinds of movies are the preview of this year that the end of world may occur. And of course a lot of various of latter-day novel flood, which varies various survival skills, mentioning all kinds of led flashlight, although I am not very believe. But still like to study it, hope you can be in great advice.
Whatever we know the end of the world is what kind of, but in the end of the dark world, if we can have a led light flashlight or led headlights, I think it will bring us unexpected warmth, and of course we can not take a lot of led flashlights, because we need more things, such as food, tents and other necessities. As for the end of the world in the form of are all very clear about the plot of the film, for example: prophecy of the solar storms," the day after tomorrow "serious change of climate," 2012 "the inside of the flood disaster, even is the" I am legend "" biochemical crisis" of the virus in infection, we don't have detailed description. With the end of the world to come, all of the industry will be destroyed, food may also be dried up, the electric power all damage, led lamp, our common light will disappear. At this time of crisis city, appear even tiger circumstances in the city. So the LED flashlight, or head lamp LED emergency lighting lamps and lanterns is must have one. And we also want to do try to streamline, because food and water is the most important basic life substances.
Well, for the end of the world is concerned, the only LED flashlight or LED head lamp is what kind of? We think should do the following:
1: Waterproof dust is a must, must support IP68 standards;
2: Hard shell is necessary, because in the dark days anything can happen; Our common T6 aviation aluminum basic enough, but the best is titanium alloy, stainless steel even (in the last days, but some say the titanium alloy and stainless steel surface easy to take, I believe in this environment, no one to care about in a led light flashlight whether scratch);
3: Toughened glass lenses, at least in the thickness of the above 5 mm, or glass is destroyed, and a flashlight will scrap;
4: Simple structure, stable quality also is very important, in the dark, it is hard to find our accessories, even find accessories, maybe can't find tools, this time the simple change, the led flashlight simple structure is the most convenient change.
5: Energy will relatively simple, enough battery will finally scrap, this time by electricity may, even to help the hand flashlight, of course a solar or wind energy is also a good choice.
For other accessories, I have the following Suggestions:
1: easy attaint of spare parts, believe that all the people used the flashlight is clear, the best of the bad is led to a torch flashlight switch, led light flashlight circuit, of course, now of the flashlight and led lamp is welding together, I think that this is not a good design, because in actual use is not convenient maintenance and handling, so the design of a flashlight with ordinary as can at any time the removed a flashlight is also important. Believe in the near future, the led flashlight of standards could have this request;
2: LED flashlight of power supply, now of the aluminum alloy with the flashlight battery in the majority, and once lost charging power supply or dry run out, also had to drop out of use.
Now I can think of so many, welcome each friend put forward the opinion of the better, so as to help us designers create more excellent products. Welcome message or write to:   our website:
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