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LED tactical flashlight circuit reference design series and parallel drive


LED flashlight led lights will attack because of its value changes in VF, general inappropriate design in parallel. However, some conditions had to parallel processing of multiple pieces of LED tactical flashlight drive capital, and these reference designs that we do. Value of sub-file, within the same file VF flashlight, LED constant current condition relative to the work. Value-driven ?-volt flashlight after the transistor bias regulator, so that the fundamental constant. Make constant reference source, R output current, use once certain number of R, thereby reducing the capital to design products. Flashlight, general management of IC 2A, IC is external, external MOS under the map using DD312 stars 6W LED control signal needs proper segregation, and drives in order to avoid interference problems. EN pin. Common IC design. Flashlight can also be parallel design-driven, practical approach is to work on the IC at higher frequencies, needs to note that PCB Salon, and can eventually load current. And also to three high-power LED tactical flashlight reference temperature maintenance flashlight design flashlight 77 beginning of the start to maintain the initiative, the former greatly reduce the current 85, 90 fully completed product temperature maintenance function. Curie points were selected around the thermostat 85 to design the ideal circuit. And DD312 phone LED cree flashlight application design is a product with two regulated current output white LED driver can drive in clamshell phones main show screen appeared with Vice-screen LED tactical flashlight. Meanwhile, the device's two outputs can also drive show screen and keypad backlighting appear in a single large screen can drive up to 12 flashlight.PS61150 / 1 Maxim MAX1553/MAX1554 to 40V step-up to 10 key areas flashlight and backlit screen.
MAX1553/MAX1554 Flashlight for cell phones, PDA, low RDSON channel MOSFET current limit of 480mA to 6 flashlight; MAX1554, can drive up to 10 flashlight. A parody / PWM Dual Mode TM off control. Soft-start reduces the inrush current during startup. MAX1553/MAX1554 Pin TDFN 3mm x 3mm flashlight 1x/1.5x/2x Maxim MAX1576 480mA up to 480mA charge pump can be a flashlight. Flashing status LED on the current tactical flashlight. Each LED has a separate set of current, pulse intensity conditioning and 2. Flashlight is the ideal choice. LM27964 independent control, multi-zone backlit buttons indicate application of IC chip built-in I! C using lithium battery-powered, ~ 5.5V regulator for allowing the situation to choose the right input / for moving phones, personal digital assistants, portable electronic games and MP3 phones backlight LED indicators, including exhibitions, RGB backlight LED driver to control the hand-held electronic products issued by the different lighting, ideal for moving phones, digital cameras, electronic games and MP3 lighting management unit the use of tiny micro SMD converters, above all integrated circuit chip within a mote. In this converter as a drive high current loads, the advantages are for the battery voltage range, and high efficiency. LP3954 a greater manifestation of the screen, in this case, each unit can be gathered together, with drive up to 6 Fairchild FAN5611/12/13/14 PDA/MP3 flashlight. FAN5613's consumption of low-dropout white LED driver, a white LED main features:; 4 flashlight difference <; No external components required to match the 4 flashlight; with EN turned off power <1; and can be hand input PWM Power pin SC-70 ?. Fairchild FAN5609 ? 20mA) 80mA PDA, MP3 Players FAN5609 flashlight without the use of current limiting resistor. Unique defect is not everything for each LED in parallel LED driver needs the boost circuit. Demand for white LED flashlight forward voltage is relatively high. The latest technology trend is the voltage drop.
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