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LED flashlight youth article 4


All around the outside is wilderness, YueHeiFengGao, silent devastation. From the outer edge of the school buildings to the river about 800 m distance, all is shrubs weeds, only on the middle bearable (6 out pathways. We 11 boy filed on, suddenly, before a flash light flashlight LED light flashlight LED the light! Everyone's nerve immediately take up, my heart mentioned in my mouth: ShiJi don't close! Someone was following! Everyone immediately turned to bend over, trying to use eye LED light shining light search rear-LED flashlight LED light shining light is shot to direction... I gestures you don't move, his return to check quietly. Not far out, see a moving shadow, my low voice and complete drink: "who?" The shadow from the slope fell out, the gentle voice soft gas to return to a sound "me!" Then a hover around I have his feet.
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With the only have to is my flashlight classes of the girls C. She was born working families, the so-called "root is MiaoGong", the communist youth league member, the only one with a flashlight class civic committee member, the announcer, basket, volleyball key players. B is only has A crush on me, that I love in A after A, she has been keeping his distance, he has never publicly bright light of his emotions. C is different, her bright free, although also know that there is A existence, but never hermit their feelings, the classmates all know she like me, stick with me...
Tonight is she learned that I'm responsible for such action, think not safe, not trust, so that a person behind quietly followed. That a foot on virtual a staggered, nervous accidentally press the hands of small and medium-sized LED flashlight "point light" switch. A girl in such environment will thumb on the LED flashlight switch is completely understandable, I didn't blame her...
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