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LED flashlight coating hardness


Now a lot of talk about what JunGui III (HA3) JunGui II, the hardness is not to say that while the harden, but relatively coated in the metal very hard, difficult to grind, but we often mistake for this coating cheese can be very hard very resistance to fall off, wrong is anti-wear coating is not resistance to fall, is the same torch, have JunGui 3 coating knife you or blow than other coating the grinding or more not easy to scrape the paint, not because this can make the aluminum alloy become hard cheese, if aluminum alloy was cast of words, aluminum structure will be broke loose, fall pile of in, fell out of the pit, but will fall just coating, of course if fell too hard, aluminum structure cast spread, stretching and even cracked, that same from broken in the coating will see aluminum color. For example, you put it in the dough plating, with things you scrape dough blow off, but fell the dough spread, careful analysis must still firmly fixed in the coating the dough on a granule, but entity has chipped, particle has scattered drop, the coating to still have what use?
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