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led bicycle lights intelligent control solutions


Energy efficient, more powerful new led solid state lighting (SSL) products has developed rapidly, and is considered to be on the revolutionary advances in the lighting market. In many vertical applications, such as lights, automotive, LCD TV backlight, led torch has indisputably become the alternative of traditional light. But for a wider range of general lighting, LED is not widely accepted. Cost and efficiency of solid state lighting products will undoubtedly continue its rapid improvement, and strive to be accepted by the market.

The solid state lighting in general lighting


Reasons First, the capacity of traditional markets inhibit the transfer to the general illumination of the led diving flashlight is too large, due to the inertia of the market. Compatibility to meet the latter is probably the biggest challenge. Thermal management, voltage conversion and color management is the need to solve the basic problem. With more and more people in the industry began to recognize these problems, we need a cost-effective intelligent digital control method to solve a variety of challenges, and then you can enjoy the benefits of new technologies.

Energy-saving led bicycle lights is obvious

If the led bicycle lights on the building, you can save up to 48% of electricity for lighting. Luminous efficiency of an incandescent lamp is generally 10 ~ 15lm / W, the efficiency of fluorescent up to 70 ~~ 100lm / W xenon lamp efficiency of 80 to 120lm / W, the efficiency of the commercial led torch 80lm / W, some experiments products have to reach a 131lm / W, the theoretical maximum of the led diving flashlight luminous efficiency of 200lm / W.

White is not a color

The biggest problem of the led diving flashlight luminous band is very narrow, so that the color of the light is a single, high efficiency, and does not heat. If the color of the light is exactly what we want, of course, the best, but in general lighting, we need white. In other words, what we need is a certain percentage of mixing up a variety of colors to mimic the spectrum of sunlight filtered through Earth's atmosphere.

led torch blue or ultraviolet light source coated with a layer of phosphorus-containing materials to obtain white light. All led diving flashlight manufacturers have conducted extensive research in phosphorus material composition, thickness, location.


led torch manufacturers successive release of the new research, said the new device more efficient than any previous product efficiency. In addition, the quality of the light source is also rising. Our eyes have seen the quality of light can be correlated color temperature (CCT) to measure, which is the temperature of the blackbody that best matches the color of the light and feel.

    Appropriate mix of a variety of colors


Another way to get white led torch is in the correct proportion of red, green, and blue (RGB) mix of three colors can not only get white, but also to obtain the desired color temperature. Figure 1 is a circuit of application of this method, using an 8-pin 8-bit MCU to control the tri-color RGB LEDs. Simply algorithm, you can control three led diving flashlight relative intensity can reach a resolution of 6 (64 intensity levels) is sufficient to control color output and color temperature.



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