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CREE LED chips distinction


CREE chip is divided into: XRE, XRC, XP-C, XPE, XPG, MCE, XML series; differences are as follows:
1, XR-E
Small core of XR-E, the best choice for long-range tube
Yellow series, early package, now relatively rare
The most common package XR-E. LED features a metal ring outside, and perhaps this is the name of the Come RING, with four gold, conductive grid is the four-frame.
This package is currently the upper limit is the maximum luminous efficiency XR-E R2, 350ma under 114-122 lumens, 1A under the 256-274 lumens.
There are still a large number of flashlight use.
2, XR-C
Yellow at the end of P4, the luminous efficiency is relatively low early P3 P4 Q2, only two gold, luminous efficiency under 350ma 80-90 lumens.
3, XP-C
 This is not very common, but the novice should observe to avoid JS fish. So how is the difference? In fact, this package is very good difference. First light in XP in the series is the smallest; the second is two gold wire, conductive grid is only 3, the day was structured; three only on the maximum current to 700ma. This package has generally Q2
4, XP-E
Add that the so-called golden thread is the LED light wire perimeter (high-purity gold), while the light is on the conductive gate, the light is divided into several blocks that line
      These are the XP-E package, light a total of three gold, conductive gate 4. Word was present structure, you can see the edge of light there are three black spots are generally common Q3 Q4 Q5 R2 R3 series, as well as add that Q3-R2 series, there are two packages, XR-E XP-E have. XP-E package series is currently the highest BIN only be R3, if there is to see XP-E R4 R5 that are false, unless you take the test directly from CREE products
Have any questions, please see the official website CREE
5, XP-G
Friends of the reference picture tube
This is the XP-G of the package, features: There are five conductive gate, light filled the entire lens. Common with R3 R4 R5, at present, R5 light-efficient, 350ma current 139 lumens, 1A current up to 345 lumens. Soon there will be more than R5 S2.
The most confusing is the XP-E and XP-G, their differences are the following:
1, light the different sizes, E G of the light than the smaller to the naked eye can see it;
2, the gold wire (conductive gate) a different number, E is the conductive gate 4, G is 5 conductive gate;
3, XP-E of the light edge of the three black specks, XP-G is not;
4, the different effects of light, G light efficiency than E is higher, the same difference between the current and the light under glass or clear;
5, the condenser of, E G is more than the condenser. The reason is the smaller E is light, so the condenser performance better, and G is better than E floodlight.
6, MCE
Four kinds of red, green and blue light can be issued color, plain white or warm light MCE
MCE is a multi-core power CREE LED, can be operated in parallel can also be driven in series. Divided into M, K, J file, where M is the maximum luminous efficiency file, each core can be driven at 350ma current to 430 lumens. K grade of, 350ma can achieve the 370 lm, J files are warm white series.
Models are: T5 T6 U2
Just out of high-power high-efficiency LED, the maximum current up to 3A, MCE perfect substitutes, the product is launched in CREE light has the highest efficiency, three gold, seven conductive gate.
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