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how to buy led hunting flashlight?

The expert warns customer, enhance the ego to protect consciousness. Quality goods the strong light flashlight "amypaul" currently considered the best brand. It can be easy to buy high quality light flashlight: please talk with a omissions, household light flashlight to long-term preparation, in the important moments come in handy may reduce the loss, the choose and buy strong light flashlight-mainly master a few key points, grain is coarse; Aluminum alloy material, good or bad, fine workmanship degree, solder joints uniform rules, do not choose "chicken excrement welding" or play of glue the LED flashlight (not professional for the small copy), select the scales welding ", quality and secret even, this circuit board is not stable, current increase will be very big, so don't see any problem on the surface, in fact this not only damaged LED life, at the same time, the strong light damage the LED flashlight life, test LED the strong light flashlight structure is perfect, the line tin points are stable, whether the shock, the most want or to see how the performance of the circuit board, buy may explosion-proof torch look very bright, perhaps professionals know, this is usually the strong light flashlight manufacturers of small trick, the most important thing is in the process of selling business can make you tap on a few flashlight that is the best, and some even threatened to user's, LED life loss fast, fast heat, power consumption and fast, maybe today is very bright, 3 months and even after half an year can be a "fireflies". Understand this done to get A test that ammeter is now may be 800 ma, may be too 2 minutes to 900 or 1 A (constant voltage circuit board is not the ChuXiang such effect), don't because of the poor are cheap and buy the led flashlight. Must choose explosion-proof torch light, so that in the fire of inflammable and explosive place can use, but also will safe; To be carefully to test its performance. Prevent buy fake or defective the Led flashlight, simple and easy to carry, is suitable for household necessary article.

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