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Development of LED torch industry in the future


Lighting evaluation system and method for the determination of the choice of lighting and lighting effects have a decisive impact. Photopia and isotopic visual evaluation system for a long period of time, the international community only, the facts show that the photopia curve and not all of the visual cells of the human eye, especially the blue cone cells to take into account the. Defects of the photopia curve is reflected as follows: the brightness of the brightness values ​​measured with photopia curve is not representative of the eye can see, can not evaluate the visual effect of the different groups of people. In fact, people of different ages for the perception of light is different, with the growth of the age spectrum through rate showed a decreasing trend. For possession of 1.5% the percentage of people of color blindness, the photopia curve is not correctly reflect their visual experience. Masonic curve is in the absence of state for a long time.


Mesopic photometry system has been the concerns of the international lighting industry. International Commission on Illumination (CIE) in 2010 issued a mesopic photometry recommendation system. And a significant impact on future development and application of the light source LED torch system built based on the photopic luminosity of the challenges and impact. Light and lighting of the Fudan University School of Information Engineering Institute of Electric Light Source, an associate professor Dr. Lin Yandan pointed out that "intermediate visual photometry to define the period of the objective existence of the middle of the visual curve is a necessary supplement to improve the optical metric evaluation, the mesopic covers road lighting the full range of stakeholders in the industry said that the road lighting standards will enter the middle of the visual evaluation of the era. New CIE-MES2 system (0.005-5cd/m2) is by far the most perfect in the middle of the visual system, "Lin Yandan supplement," the perfect middle of the visual system has a lot of work to be undertaken. "


Intermediate visual evaluation system for a variety of light sources of lighting applications will be what kind of impact? Visual luminosity of application of the middle school to require background brightness and S / P values ​​derived from the light source spectral data as input, S / P value is a dark visual light output and Cree diving torch, the light source S / P value The higher the luminous efficiency is higher in the middle of the visual design. The middle of the visual system measure that will change the lamp light output of the past to change the effect of light level. Mesopic photometry to favor white light of high S / P values ​​compared to the traditional LED light source is the S / P value higher white light, the middle of the visual evaluation system of the introduction of low brightness lighting applications for LED flashlight manufacturers to optimize the development of the LED the foundation for further pave the way to the field of outdoor lighting is expected for white LED applications.

Lin Yandan introduced for intermediate vision research has led to an important exploration, the possibility of lowering the white brightness of road lighting. And thus raises two key questions, with the decline in brightness, the visual efficacy decreased? S / P value and the color rendering index to improve the extent to which they can make up for the reduction of the visual efficacy? For the exploration of these problems, the international community has done a lot of experiments. The results showed that, especially the color of the central target for the central target, reduce the brightness, the visual efficacy will be reduced; metal halide high led flashlight long range 10cd/m2 the brightness of the luminous efficiency can be achieved with the 2cd/m2 luminous efficiency. Close to high pressure sodium metal halide 0.1cd/m2 luminous efficiency for the identification of colors 1cd/m2; flashlights Cree led diving sources to achieve the same visual effect of different brightness, metal halide lamp is lower than the desired brightness of the high pressure sodium lamp.


UKand Italy and other countries in the relevant regulations, high color rendering light source in the same level of road lighting, the illumination can be reduced by one grade. Zhang Hai, chairman of the Shanghai Illuminating Engineering Society Cong in particular prompted the British Standard BS5489-1: 2003 provided for, to improve street lighting, color rendering index (Ra ≥60), the illumination can be reduced by half, but it should be noted that this provision conditions of use - lighting level of support on the road (pedestrians and cyclists) ", the current results generalize to a variety of road operation is still too early, you also need further studies and experiments to make a decision led flashlight long range.


MES2 system is a supplement to the middle of the visual luminosity, but it is not the entire contents of the intermediate vision. Need to consider the use of specific environmental factors. Intermediate visual assessment is a comprehensive systems engineering, is a comprehensive evaluation method to consider both pedestrians and drivers of different visual tasks LED melodic also investigated Cree diving torch, spectral and environmental constraints the middle of the visual assessment method. "Lin Yamane concluded.

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