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Blu-ray LED tactical flashlight design thinking


Blue LED tactical flashlight principle from the point of view of the technology and the market economy, the basic structure, key technology and application technology, market prospects are discussed for analysis.

Incandescent lamps (incandescent lamp) invention since, have been used worldwide for over 100 years. The incandescent is added directly to the AC mains tungsten resistance to generate heat and light, which illuminate the darkness, hundreds of millions of people around the world With night lamp light and happy life, and the convenience of the labor.

The incandescent lamp is ohmic heating the filament to incandescence, thermal radiation emits visible electric light. Been since 1879, Thomas Edison made of carbonized fiber (carbon filament) incandescent filament material filament structure, the continuous improvement of the gas-filled and incandescent luminous efficiency has been increased accordingly. Incandescent luminous efficiency other spot parameters than the new energy-saving lamps, halogen light source, being replaced by the new light source.

October 1, 2012, China will ban the import and sale of more than ordinary 100 watt incandescent lighting.

How design and manufacture of LED lights like incandescent convenient, is placed in the hundreds and thousands of LED lighting designer before the major issue. Blue "LED tactical flashlight" Maybe you can.

Figure 1 centuries incandescent

Blu-ray "LED tactical flashlight envisaged

2011 spring and summer associate in the design of a blue LED light engine design blue "LED the incandescent" the program.

Is directly in view of the traditional white LED blue LED chip coated with a yellow phosphor, the white LED is lit after high heat, after long-term under high temperature Smoked easily denatured, resulting with a long time, the yellow phosphor in deterioration of the color rendering index.

LED lamps, such as the yellow phosphor is not directly coated on the white LED to be coated directly on the shade of PVC, so that in the fixture with the blue LED chip to keep a certain distance from the two superimposed using the same can obtained white or warm white LED lighting effects. Filter lamp shade away from the LED heat source, so, not because of the LED light source of long-term high-temperature barbecue aging degeneration the CRI (played color) is essentially the same; due to the color shade formulations adjustable, the color of the light, the color temperature can be with customers needs modulation, the same can meet the requirements of customized production of differentiated products.

The structural design of the blue "LED tactical flashlight follows incandescent order to adapt to the habits incandescent heritage for centuries to give the connotation of LED energy-saving, pollution-free, long-life new technology innovation. Blu-ray HV LEDs as the light source, together with the yellow color lampshade. The mains power transformation, driven by AC / DC rectifier and constant current output constant current DC lit blue LED light source, the second light-emitting blue light filtered by the yellow color shade, cool white or warm white "LED tactical flashlight issued. The working principle is shown in Figure 2.

New LED tactical flashlight works

Blue "LED flashlight" As a result of the yellow phosphor staining or spraying PVC lampshade lit bulb yellow, cool white or warm white white issued on electric lights. Unlit blue LED tactical flashlight "shown in Figure 3. Yellow phosphor staining or spray PVC lampshade is a key technology.

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