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LED flashlight manufacturers how to design lighting


Isolation between some streets of motorized vehicles and the slow lane (bike lanes) with very narrow general only about 1m above unequal spacing plants not tall trees designed in the median strip pitch set up Spotlights the square floodlights results are only part of the lighting marked leaves a large part of hit the sky. Winter leaves fall out, the lights remained open, and the formation of bunches finished the same toward the sky searchlight cause severe light pollution.


Not only cause a great waste of energy and the effect is not good, car drivers do not constitute interference, but motorists do not have time to enjoy, while riding a bicycle and pedestrian terms not only appreciate not also been through lights interfere with sidewalk decorative lighting of trees and green belts engage local conditions would have to be taken according to the actual conditions of lighting with the transformation of city lights Lying-in Road, commercial Street, outside the traditional street lighting to increase the number of LED flashlight, garden lights manufacturers commonly used way of its for using floodlights irradiation trees hanging holiday lights additional lawn lamp. Common type of floodlights should not be used within the flower bed isolation in the road, because if the height and inclination of the inappropriate choice of lighting installation, will form the glare of past motor vehicle. When the trees canopy buried floodlights illuminated crown while even lighting glare grill plate do not need to install the anti-glare works well when the canopy tall higher than driving member of the line of sight leveraged and opaque in the the crown center applications within ideal lighting better.


Irradiation lawn floodlights must pay attention to selecting a good lamp irradiation direction, if necessary, can be created the shading plate in order to avoid LED flashlight setting buried lights should also pay attention to prevent glare, mainly set grille with frosted lampshades, light source power should not be too large. Only play a decorative role in the road on the lawn lamp lawn light lamp high to avoid motor vehicle driver's eye level near the garden lights manufacturers to install highly low light power is appropriate, and at the same time must be used in the selection of the next light distribution lampshade avoid the driver of the vehicle to form a glare.

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