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LED bulb type design is relatively compact in space


LED bulb type design is relatively compact in space, how to do the relevant circuit integration to achieve design goals, it is necessary to rely on the integrated chip.


1, the optical design


LED flashlight source is a high efficiency point light, light source, this is too concentrated in the traditional applications have quite a few problems, for example, if when table lamp cause close light enough symmetry type, even if LED tactical flashlight with a wide color control flexibility energy efficiency performance is quite good, but the perception will affect the use of domestic lighting applications, point light source must produce approximate performance of traditional lamps light through the optical lens or institutional design (lens, light guide material), will increase lamp cost, is difficult to break in a compact configuration design of the physical properties of the optics.


2, the thermal design


Similarly, the continuation of LED tactical flashlight assembly itself is the limit of a point source, the temperature of the components in light-emitting excessive concentration in a single point above, if not effectively deal with the heat, which would have led components appear to burn financial, or even shorten the life! In addition to the components themselves need to strengthen the design for heat dissipation, for example, through the chip the goldsmith line or carrier board design techniques to improve achieve antilogous thermal design, even so, the heat source will still appear excessive focus on the position of lamps dotted situation through external components active cooling and passive cooling design to improve the handling capacity of the junction temperature control, This technology gap related lighting design.


3, the drive control circuit designs


Practical applications, LED driver still need a lot of light-emitting electronic circuit auxiliary, in order to achieve high efficiency purposes, but for general incandescent dimming design would also like the new LED flashlight source to achieve, which must be through DC DC for electrical control power supply adjustment, when taking into account the energy consumption and power efficiency, make the drive electronics circuit complexity significantly improved on the design is to take a large number of independent components resulting in a system of discrete design issues, so that the overall savings electricity hand, the correlation circuit is consumed.


Existing component manufacturers to take a single-chip adjustable light control IC design, so the lighting industry do not have to re-development of the different lamps with the circuit, the use of off-the-shelf solutions can achieve both contrast the old-fashioned experience of the operation of the light source, and can also be reached more high-performance energy efficiency.


4, the power conversion circuit designs


LED generally take DC direct drive, but ACLED more application flexibility and advantages in practical applications, and therefore also the development of the LED flashlight source is very important trend! Especially general life power sources are AC power, to fast popularity of the LED flashlight source life applications, the development of LED products designed by AC, the fast-growing application key of related applications.

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