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Hand self-generating LED flashlight circuit principle


The hand-shaking style self-generating hand is LED Flashlight circuit schematic shown in Figure 1. The planning diagram shown is in Figure 2. Use LED imaging flashlight, shaking it LED Explosion-proof flashlight magnet 7 to move up and down, through the coil 6 i.e. attack power, and then rectified by D1-D4 in Figure 2, the C1 energy storage battery CR2032 charging through the switch is controlled so fat white light-emitting diode and the end of the self-generating function.


In Figure 1, 1 is a cylindrical plastic skeleton; 2 to emit white light diodes 3 is a circuit board; 4 is a switch made ​​with copper; And 5 the CR2032 Battery azimuth I stay; 6 for the air-core coil, the inductance quantity 33mh, of diameter about φ.2mm; 7 is a powerful magnet, should make it a smooth cylinder moves up and down. 8 for the collection of lenses, it is equipped with a rubber seal between the plastic skeleton, the light more rendezvous, longer range; rubber damping ring to avoid the magnet directly impact plastic skeleton. The above material as a whole, and then placed in plastic on the right LED Flashlight within the housing 10. LED camera flashlight slide switch 11 and circuit board copper corresponding spin on LED single lamp cover 12. This the diving flashlight will be able to use.


We can be shaken up and down LED single lamp. It light power source. Due to the choice of a glowing brightness diode and lens collection, brightness and range of more than only the use of the special collection of electric battery hand, 5 LED camera flashlight. There is also a significant drawback of this LED Flashlight is to constantly shake talent constantly emitting. In order to defeat this shortcoming and conserve capital, we have no choice lithium rechargeable battery to increase energy storage. But two CR2032 lithium battery and connected across C1. Practice has proved that consumes about 30mA LED explosion proof flashlight, the new battery can be used longer time, electricity lack Shake LED Flashlight can spend a period of time. Repeated several times after the battery fails completely remove the battery, you can still continue the mission. 

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