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Comprehensive depth analysis of the status of the LED torch technology development


After 2011, LED gradually to enter the interior lighting, this also means that the march to civilian families. On the one hand this is a happy occasion, because the civilian market is very large; the other hand is a very serious challenge, because of the civilian market requirements particularly low cost, particularly high reliability. Now left to fully meet the requirements of the civilian market is still a long way, it can be said there is still a long way to go.


The most ordinary civilian lamp is incandescent, is our ordinary use of the lamp. So if LEDs to replace incandescent bulbs, it is necessary to develop one in terms of the shape or appearance of lamp bulbs and incandescent bulbs similar this is often referred to as LED torch. Conceivable Bulb market is enormous.


A. The requirements of the LED tactical flashlight


Because you want to replace incandescent, so at least the following requirements of LED tactical flashlight:


(Click chart to enlarge)


1. Brightness considerable wattage of incandescent usually talk about without speaking lumens. Although LED also can talk about the wattage and not on behalf of its lumen LED light efficiency is still evolving. The most commonly used incandescent wattage of 15 watts, 30 watts, 45 watts, 60 watts, 75 watts and 100 watts.


If LED is to replace, can also be obtained is corresponding wattage. However, because the LED luminous efficiency in rising, it is difficult to give an accurate figure. Assumed usually LED1 luminous efficiency of 100lm / W, the highest light efficiency LED2, its luminous efficiency of 130lm / W (warm white light efficiency is lower than this value). Can be drawn to these two luminous efficiency LED corresponding is wattage. However, because the LED requires a current source, the constant current source has a certain degree of efficiency, is assumed to be 85%, In addition, because the LED is impossible to use a transparent bubble shell, but only with cream foam shell. They are multiplied together equal to 0.72. After considering the above factors can be drawn and incandescent equivalent wattage. It should be particularly described. Efficiency and heat dissipation of the LED torch light, it is impossible to do more than 10 watts, which means that there can only replace 60-75W incandescent LED tactical flashlight lights. Course PAR lamps (discussed later) is another matter.


Appearance similar to the usual incandescent pear-shaped LED torch should be pear-shaped. This is very easy to do. But incandescent full glass products, the LED heat because it is difficult to adopt a full glass structure. The following will be discussed in detail the structure of the LED tactical flashlight.


Volume size to be quite, because the LED constant current source and the heat sink, so this is very difficult to do


Weight to quite the same because the LED constant current source and heat sink which is very difficult to do


5. Lamp to be the same as the Chinese are mostly used in the past bayonet switch to screw-on and the United States, most of the reform and opening-up. This point is still very easy to do


Power To the same should be 220VAC (or 110VAC), which is no problem of LED tactical flashlight.

ample�$si@~ p~ ng technology is scheduled for April 2011 listing of products through the use of die-cast aluminum base improves heat dissipation.



In fact, the big light distribution angle LED flashlight Toshiba lighting technology is scheduled for April 2011 listed is not equipped with a heat sink, but through the use of die-cast aluminum chassis to improve heat dissipation. Overseas manufacturers have been able to easily create a normal CREE flashlight. Need to improve the power supply modules and cooling institutions "(Toshiba Lighting) in order to design and light distribution angle distance.

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