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KTV mini flashlight features and application trend


    KTV rooms lamp belongs to a class of stage lighting, along with the level of domestic economic growth, the entertainment lives more and more rich, go to bars the KTV private K song is one of the most common recreational, general KTV package interior decoration of the room has the demand for personalized mini flashlight, so many KTV rooms operators to keep up with the trend of the times, often locally KTV rooms or renovated, which also spawned a belonging to the KTV rooms dedicated a class of devices, KTV rooms lamp belongs to a class KTV rooms lighting and sound.

    The KTV rooms lights Classification: KTV private room lights can be divided by Use, performing arts lighting class, such a common stage lighting, including moving head light, scanning lamp, shaman lights, laser lights, pattern lantern, scanned the class III claw fish, octopus, the bimonthly lantern Promise arrow and a magic ball lights, strobe lights, rain lights, led par light, console, small hood, etc.. Since creating atmosphere, ambient lighting class LED tactical flash lighting Ming lights, energy saving lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, explosion-proof lamps, purple lights, etc., from the role of ambient lighting. The decorated class LED backdrop, LED channeling lamps, lighting, LED tube, LED tactical flashlight strip, LED floor tiles, acrylic light boxes, etc., from the environment decorative role.

    The KTV room’s lamps’ characteristics: KTV private room lighting characteristics KTV rooms' inherent general KTV rooms every day continuous operating about 12 hours, the use of long-term performance of the lamps is high requirements, KTV room’s lamp must be durable. Personalized lighting patterns and effects, many KTV rooms design will be the pursuit of personalized in the decoration, in order to lead the trend, attracting consumers.

    KTV room’s lamp commonly used lamps: First, laser lights, designed specifically for the VIP private rooms laser lights, features, of Gypsophila effect and simple pattern class can be used continuously for a long time, starting to create an atmosphere. Strobe, LED class-based the LED strobe characteristics are durable; do not need to replace the lamp, multi-voice mode, from the strobe effect. Disco Light, also known as the lantern, two, one light source is a light bulb, GOBO disk pattern generated by the pattern effect, more vivid pattern. Another light source is an LED, the pattern representing rules. Background decorative lights, channeling Light, Star curtain, and acrylic light boxes. Fifth color change, dimming lamps, and more generally for LED tactical flashlight source, LED PAR lamps, LED rain lights to play change color and adjust the environment light and dark role.

    KTV rooms lamp application trends: the growing trend of family oriented KTV rooms, the lamps in the design, installation, handling more popular, more conducive to manipulation and installation. The second is the growing trend of mini flashlight applications, low power consumption, durability; these are the inherent advantages of LED tactical flashlight source lamps. Multi-pattern and trend of individual needs, customers will have more of their own requirements of the KTV rooms the lighting effects, which require us to provide professional and technical at the same time, going to cater to the needs of customers and the general public more.

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