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Competitors and Competitive Analysis of LED torch


3.1 competitors

LED flashlight manufacturers and exporters in the market, mainly in Taiwan and mainland China, South Korea also has several famous bulb manufacturers (such as LED flashlight). Overall, Taiwanese manufacturers of the design and production process than on the mainland are much more advanced and Taiwan manufacturers sales means clever than the mainland manufacturers. Taiwanese manufacturers of new products launched are cut into an application market as the goal the mainland manufacturers mainly by copying to join in the competition. Therefore, the main is manufacturer’s competition in a vicious cycle.

Domestic companies do LED flashlights is very much the basic LED products definitely sell LED torches. Because 1) LED flashlight is too low barriers to entry, and a lot of the manufacturers of the various components of the market, so as long as they have a few workers will be able to assemble the lamp. 2) the lack of standards for the entry of a large number of vendors and the survival and development of favorable conditions. Within the range of from my personal understanding of the domestic sales of major manufacturers of LED flashlights:

Shenzhen Dingle (

The race for the product line of LED torches is relatively complete, covering almost all types of low-power, high-power spotlights, Bulb. Their advantage mainly due to

A) Their own packaging factory can cost control is relatively low;

B) Because they do PAR lamps and Bulb OEM to Philips, this gave the advantage of their propaganda. them in domestic and foreign sales, orders for foreign markets is also more complicated, relatively small domestic market, mainly in engineering the financial crisis on their sales, Philips orders by about half.

2 The Shenzhen Bumble (

Bumble marketing feels more systematic, more formalized all of their product development and design, early cut lights and small power LED street lamp market, while their high-power LED flashlights abroad more market. many of our customers are in the sales of their LED torches (such, their sales are mainly on two legs,

1 inthe development of agents abroad, and they do send people to examine the strength of the agents in the field;

Sell ​​their products to foreign trade situation. Promotion channels rely mainly on the show.

They have the advantage

A packaging factory

Independent product design, and not fall into the homogenization of competition

Bumble listing plan

3 Shanghai liters the U.S. Electronics Co., Ltd. (

Liters Although the United States is very small, but the strategy is very simple, mainly for the LED lighting market, obvious characteristics, the effect is more obvious.

Their basic product line LED flashlight class, fluorescent tube products, including the best-selling LED torch lights, fluorescent tubes. Their main market is the United States, France and Japan. Their UL certification the most complete, covering most of the best-selling products (a lot of UL certification are their customers to pay money or bear part of the cost).

But their quality is relatively stable, the price is relatively high. Factory is not about 6 salesmen, only to participate in the exhibition (Hong Kong and Guangzhou Exhibition) can do sales of about 5 million USD a year.


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