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The LED Solar CREE flashlight technology principle


Solar CREE flashlight is mainly the use of solar energy battery energy into work, when daytime sunlight in solar cells, the light energy into electrical energy stored in the batteries, and then by the battery at night LED tactical flashlight LED (Light Emitting Diode) to provide power. The main advantages are safety, energy-saving, convenient and environmentally friendly. The green grass is in the residential community beautification lighting embellishment park lawn beautification embellishment.


The structure and composition of the LED Solar CREE flashlight:

By the solar modules (photovoltaic panels), super bright LED lights (light source), maintenance-free rechargeable battery, automatic control circuit, lamps.


LED solar CREE flashlight system components:

Solar LED tactical flashlight boost IC, can automatically switch to charge and discharge behavior, automatically switch to turn off the lights when the daytime solar charging board is sensitive to the sun, into the state of charge, when the darkness fell solar charging panels induction less than sun, automatically switch turned on the light to enter the state of the battery discharge. Solar LED flashlight boost IC, can boost the output voltage of 1.5 volt rechargeable battery to 3.6 volts.


A circuit board IC should be equipped with a rechargeable battery can drive 1 - 7 LED light-emitting diode; several sets of circuit board IC and so on; solar LED tactical flashlight controller integrated circuit, as well as some of the surrounding components, The main feature that contains a charging circuit, the driver circuit, the photosensitive control circuit and a pulse width modulation circuit and the like. The controller has high conversion efficiency: 80 to 85% (typical), can reduce the power requirements of the solar cell version; Low start-up voltage: 0.9V (max); adjustable output current.


LED light source of solar CREE flashlight advantages:

Most LED tactical flashlight use LED as a light source, LED long life, can reach more than 100,000 hours, low operating voltage, very suitable for application in solar CREE flashlight on. LED technology has experienced a breakthrough in the key, and its characteristics have greatly improved in the past five years, its cost performance has greatly improved. In addition, LED powered by a low voltage DC, and its light source control costs low, and to adjust the brightness, frequent switching becomes possible, and will not adversely affect the performance of LED. Can be also easily control the color, changing the distribution of the light, resulting in dynamic mirage, so it is particularly applicable in the solar CREE flashlight?


Solar CREE flashlight light source and power system design methods have developed rapidly in recent years due to the unique advantages of solar LED tactical flashlight. LED flashlight power, mainly for the purpose of decoration, high mobility requirements, circuit laid difficulties, high water requirements of venue applies. These makes mini flashlight is powered by solar cells, showing an unprecedented advantage.

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