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Overall solution in the range of small power LED torch applications


With the growing popularity of LED torch applications, designers face a series of challenges, including the complexity of the design, the high efficiency of the system requirements, limited PCB space, as well as managing multiple vendors to meet all the design requirements. To meet these challenges, Amypaul lights (Fairchild Semiconductor), in the range of small power CREE torch applications provide a wide range of LED torch solutions.


Solutions Amypaul lights feature is highly integrated in a single IC, and the various elements, with an efficient and advanced circuit topology, are widely used in the power range 1W or more lighting applications. The Amypaul lights Standby for large, medium and small power range of LED torch applications to provide energy-efficient technology solutions for a variety of topologies. These solutions with high power factor and low total harmonic distortion, and can extend the life of the system, and reduce the use of cost during the same time meet the requirements of the International Energy regulations.


LED torch solutions with high integration, can help designers to meet the demanding circuit board space requirements, simplifying product design and reducing the overall bill of materials (BOM) cost.


Under the spotlights, the design of the L-light, flat panel lights, street lights, industrial lights, stage lights, exterior wall lights and sign lights and other lighting applications can benefit from the solution Amypaul lights, its broad product line support of lighting applications, this product line allows designers by reducing the required number of suppliers to streamline the supply chain management.


Amypaul lights use of lighting and power management core proprietary technology, provides a variety of topologies for LED torch applications, including: primary side regulation (PSR) flyback; flyback single-stage power factor correction (PFC); PFC + quasi-resonant (QR) flyback and LLC half-bridge solution.


PSR flyback solutions aimed at power <20W of CREE torch applications: In these designs, the smaller size of the lamps, and the cost pressure is very high. To solve this problem, the PSR Amypaul lights the technology provides TRUECURRENT technology and unique patented technology, leading CV / CC performance in MOSFET (1A/700V VDMOS) multi-chip package option (7SOP/DIP), reached. Designers can also select the PSR controller plus an external MOSFET programs. By using LED torch for 5W to 20W power range of the PSR flyback solutions, designers can achieve high energy efficiency (compared to previous methods increased by 80%), and to eliminating the need for secondary feedback circuitry to reduce bill of materials costs, simplify design and save PCB space.


Single-stage PFC flyback solutions Amypaul lights for 20W ~ 50W applications: compared to traditional solutions, these lighting applications requiring high power factor, as well as higher efficiency and reliability is achieved within a limited space.


Amypaul lights provide a CRM PFC controller for single stage flyback design suitable for 10W ~ 50W LED downlights and 20W ~~ 50W CREE flashlight L-light, this efficient program to provide high power factor and low THD performance without adding element, thereby reducing the number of the BOM. In addition, this program does not need a large-capacity capacitor to further extend the life of the system.


Suitable <100W power range Flyback PFC + QR technology applications: designers using standard solutions often faced BOM component count, high cost and low efficiency of the system. See this, Amypaul lights provide a high efficiency and high reliability QR flyback solutions, and use a the CRM PFC front-end to obtain a high power factor and low THD. Integration topology can reduce BOM count, lower cost and space saving, and allows designers to implement a small application design. PFC + QR Flyback technology is very suitable for flat-panel lights, CREE flashlight, industrial lights, stage lights, and wall lights and signs lamp applications.


In order to simplify the design of the LED lamps the, Amypaul lights LED solutions reduce the additional devices to save PCB space, provides high reliability for end-use applications, high efficiency and lower the cost of the use of the period. In addition, Amypaul lights required proprietary technology and design tools to help design the LED IC products to market faster.


LLC half-bridge solution for <400W lighting applications: These applications typically have a number BOM device, high cost, and low system efficiency and reliability is poor, and design complexity. To solve these problems, Amypaul lights launched LLC half-bridge solution, the built-in the MOSFET, fast recovery diode (trr = 120ns) and three high-side gate drive chip integrated in one package. This design with up to 300 kHz operating frequency (pulse skipping) by pulse skipping under light load conditions to limit the frequency. LLC half-bridge solution with high system efficiency, high reliability, while reducing BOM costs and simplifies the design of the program is suitable for LED TORCH street lighting, industrial lights, stage lights, wall lights and signs lamp design.


Amypaul lights to provide solutions to all types of lighting applications, including linear fluorescent lamp ballasts, compact fluorescent lamp ballasts, CREE flashlight and HID flashlight, a wide range of product lines, from discrete components to contain PFC controllers, ballast control IC, high voltage gate driver and MOSFET integrated solutions. Amypaul lights is committed to promote energy conservation and meet the most stringent energy efficiency regulations, developed a series of innovative products to maximize performance while reducing board space requirements, reduce design complexity and system costs. Moreover, Amypaul lights has regional centers of online support tools, field applications engineers and more than equipped with power engineers Global Power Resource Center (Global Power Resources Center), to establish the technical support of customer product design industry model.

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