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Why we recommend a single lamp high power LED flashlight?


The market now a large number of multi-lamp LED flashlight, and low prices, especially plastic shell rechargeable flashlight. In order to save costs, the built-in battery commonly used lead-acid batteries. Low flashlight, I think it is a waste material, resulting in the pollution of the environment.
This flashlight bulls generally composed of a light source by 5-20 lamp beads, built-in capacitor voltage charger, but there are a lot of shortcomings, a contrast single lamp LED light flashlight, I make the following distribution:
1: contrast LED life itself:
The bright LED flashlight generally use the original CREE imported chips long life of 5-10 million hours, the actual longer life. The multi-lamp flashlight only domestic ordinary chip, the general life of 1-3 million hours;
2: the pollution of the environment and the short life of lead-acid batteries:
Lead-acid batteries in many foreign countries have banned the use of its serious damage to the environment. Single lamp LED flashlight, the general use of lithium batteries, and the 18650 battery universally, can also be recycled and used, life is more than 10 times that of lead-acid batteries;
3: Luminous efficiency comparison:
Single lamp LED flashlight lamp generally reach about 500 lumens, multi-lamp 20 Base, luminous efficiency is often difficult to achieve 200 lumens;
4: Case Material:
Amypaul high quality LED flashlight standard high strength aerospace aluminum alloy after CNC crafted, and multi-lamp LED flashlight often use inferior materials;
5: condenser results:
Single lamp general use lens and light cup, condenser results are very good, only 10-50 meters distance from 100-2000 m above, and multi-lamp often can not see distant objects;
From the above analysis, it can be seen, even if the price of the single lamp LED flashlight is more expensive than the multi-lamp, but the cost to see, or higher. Amypaul only authentic LED Flashlight, refuse the cottage and garbage products.
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