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Intelligent LED flashlight and building lighting communication


Control and protection programs intelligent lighting (Smart Lighting) related to communications and sensing functions, remote control (turn on or off, dimming or change color) and monitoring (remote diagnosis) buildings, streets or at home one or more lamps. Intelligent lighting fixtures provide information so that it can use or ambient light brightness adjustment. On the other hand, the high brightness white LED torch is ideal for area lighting applications with better directionality, better color quality, environmental protection and other features, and the ability to more easily control the open and close, easy to automatically detect the ambient light to change the brightness, so more and more attention in the application of intelligent LED flashlight.
Intelligent lighting communication is available wireless or existing power line infrastructure. The power line is the world's largest copper infrastructure, in every corner of the home or office has a power outlet, making it an extremely broad coverage network. In view of all the lighting are connected to the power line to convert electricity into light, power line communication (PLC) has become a reasonable way to of intelligent lighting communication and control link.
With its advanced semiconductor technology, launched for communication, sensor, KNX transceiver and protection solutions including intelligent lighting, to help less energy to perform the same or even more tasks to further enhance energy efficiency and energy conservation.
For example, the use of semiconductor PLC modem (such as the AMIS-49587), the PLC line drives (such as NCS5650) and such NOA1302 this ambient light sensor can easily build power line networking LED flashlight intelligent control system to help the municipal power company regulation and commercial enterprises remote street light output, reducing the overall energy consumption of its street network. In addition, building intelligent temperature regulation and lighting control applications, can also be used on twisted pair cabling semiconductor KNX transceiver KNX network lighting control.
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