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Advantages of led light flashlight


1: no pollution material, economical and environment-friendly
Traditional lamps contain a variety of toxic substances, such as mercury, lead, and so on, once damaged it will enter into the environment, destruction of the Earth. LED light flashlight uses green LED chips, does not harm the environment;
2: electro-optical conversion efficiency, very low calorific value
Traditional lights glow through resistance, heat generated there are thousands of degrees, compared to 30-40% of light conversion efficiency, while long-term exposure, chemical color changes easy to make objects and aging, such as plastic as. issued white LED light can be limited to prevent color changes;
3: light color, no noise
More than common incandescent light noise in some precision instrument, easy to destroy equipment. LED and some precision instrument is ideal for public use, but the LED light flashlight will not damage the professional instruments, is the maintenance of a good helper;
4: no strobe, DC power supply
LED DC power supply, no 50Hz strobe, harmful to the eyes. Amypaul LED flashlight 3.7V high quality lithium-ion battery, long time stable supply. No Flash.
5: no UV radiation, do not attract mosquitoes spodoptera exigua
Amypaul bright light LED flashlight does not produce UV, very suitable for indoor lighting. in case of a power outage, you can use as a candle.
6: voltage ranges wide
General lighting must attain a certain voltage value to work correctly, however LED lamp LED driver, can apply various range of voltages, without affecting the brightness, the brightness constant.
7: long life
Ordinary LED flashlights have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours or more, and amypaul LED light flashlight uses only CREE or imports United States lumens chip, is life up to 100,000 hours.
8: very durable
Amypaul bright light flashlight uses a standard aluminum production, the structure is durable, even accidentally fell on the floor can work properly.


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