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how to get your flashlight

That's just a big bright flashlight range Concept, in general, that they meet the high brightness and reliable Good, easy to carry flashlights can be Call, the light source now generally Most popular, especially the LED to LED and HID With other light sources are not comparable on a small flashlight The contemplated's advantage. A single lithium battery and can be driven to the most Hundreds of lumens high brightness. The home of ordinary hand Flashlight, generally, but only dozens lumens hundred and flow Ming about the gap. Of course, the body Product and material is a more critical elements, Some household flashlight brightness is also good, but outside Type bulky, fragile plastic or thin metal This flashlight general can not be called glare Flashlight. Flashlight brand, the best certainly Shenhuo. Speaking of SureFire flashlights, many not familiar with Noted flashlight friends a dizzy because of the country Producing small brand with the word "fire" flashlight too More, for example UltraFire, UniqueFire, Supfire And so on, a lot of people these are mistaken for SureFire flashlight Barrel, in fact, poor hair's breadth, hack away. Real Shenhuo only American Shenhuo English SUREFIRE, is the world's best flashlight products Cards, expensive, generally a few hundred dollars to twelve Thousand dollars, your models or even tens of thousands to On models thousand dollars is not much So, Shenhuo brand confusing Ban Friends, just look at the price, it is largely the Whether the solution is real Shenhuo. Similarly imports of hand Flashlight brand INOVA and gannets, domestic Have Lang Yan Second, there JETBEAM to the well FENIX, etc., the price is not cheap, see the individual Needs. As for the so-called domestic Shenhuo, UltraFire, general or translated into super Shenhuo Or super fire, belonging to middle and low flashlight with Front immeasurably, and you can see the base This is imitation, the real thing is not expensive, the quality parameters Difference arrhythmia such as common C8/Q5, and cheap Twenty or thirty of your hundred, certainly not cheap Fudge laymen do not know who can really accessories To, does not work, the quality of work even better than no A. I do flashlight titanium lighting irradiation Effect is relatively strong flashlight, with The 800 Lumens single chip CREE XML T6 LED The long-range focus flashlight in close range floodlight Strong, long-distance focusing pavement irradiation effects super Stick, is the first choice for outdoor and night riding. Otherwise With T6 LED 18650 straight, small size, Brightness ultra force can exchange.

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