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LED torch market in China is the key to growth


Statistical data according to Strategies Unlimited, 2010 high brightness (HB) LED the market size of us $ 11.4 billion, growth 103%. But LED the market will develop in the future? How can I enable smooth replacement of lighting backlighting, CREE flashlight major driving factors in order to maintain a sustained, rapid and healthy growth of LED flashlight industry? In this regard, Sierra Ventures partners Robert C.WALKER in new light source lighting and new Energy Forum 2011 Shanghai International pointed out that innovative LED torch products designed with the Chinese market quick launch is the more critical of two pillars. Otherwise, as soon as the backlight market saturation, lighting market growth also fell short of expectations, then CREE flashlight growth in the coming years there may be a short-term decline in stages.

Semiconductor lighting market growth may slow

2010 HB CREE flashlight scale of us $ 11.4 billion, backlight of the rapid development of the market as the most important catalyst for backlight TV and computer monitor backlight 29% of overall market share, mobile portable devices (Mobile) display backlight with a market share of 30%, Automotive CREE flashlight share to 13%, while LED torch only to the market as a whole about 10%. According to the forecast over the next 5 years HB CREE flashlight will grow from $ 14.6 billion in 2011 to $ 19 billion in 2015. Backlight market saturation, slowing down, cultivate new market growth based on lighting applications be LED for some time in the future the theme of industrial development. Careful analysis of 2010 LED backlighting market structure can be found, TV backlight 49% of overall market share, laptop screen backlight, 19% computer monitor backlight 6%, other devices such as mobile phone display backlight 26%. 2011 TV backlight market will maintain the momentum of rapid development, while promoting the rapid growth in the size of the overall market, but notebook computers, mobile phones and the backlight market growth has slowed sharply. After 2011, with LED backlit LCD TV market share exceeding 50%, its growth will also slow, resulting in high brightness LED backlighting market as a whole at a size of about US $ 9 billion. The future, with the luminous efficiency of LED products continues to improve, backlight LED chips used in quantity will be reduced gradually and may even result in 2014 after years as a whole LED backlighting market size has decreased. In this case, if the lighting market cannot grow up soon, CREE flashlight scale will face slowing issues. According to Robert C.WALKER forecast figures released at the Conference, high-brightness CREE flashlight as a whole after growth in 2012 to $ 16.1 billion, is expected in 2013 will only be an increase of $ 800 million, to $ 16.9 billion. TV backlight market this is the weak growth, effect of decrease in the size of the Mobile market. But during this period, LED issue of corporate profits is likely to stand out.

So, how to promote the rapid breakthroughs in LED torch market to compensate for backlighting effects of declining market growth? Robert C.WALKER said, in addition to continuously improve LED luminous efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality, improve lighting quality, developing more innovative LED torch systems it is very critical. However, when people talk about the future when semiconductor lighting, just as simple as changing a light bulb, it means that the entire building's lighting system, control system, LED torch and a variety of sensors, electrical equipment, even heat exchange, refrigeration equipment, interconnect, forming intelligent control, intelligent lighting. Therefore will include light, electricity, thermal energy, electronic design, system construction, and brands, channels and other related enterprises and personnel into, thus forming an innovation value chain. The future, LED not only by LED flashlight industry person decides, its integration in all its aspects. If the enterprise itself within just LED cycle, there is no other line of business and workers who follow suit, integration of cross-industry, inevitably there is a big risk in the future. Believe this, LED torch market is huge.

China's market has great effect on global semiconductor lighting development

Robert C.WALKER further pointed out that, throughout LED torch market in the process of development, China's role is very clear. Because China is not only a production base of LED torch products, is also a very important market for end users. Statistics show in 2010, LED backlit LCD TVs to 5.5 million units, Automotive CREE flashlight reached US $ 154 million, US $ 395 million in LED torch market, LED electronic display system market reached US $ 2 billion. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo for large-scale application of LED and has greatly enhanced the general public's awareness of energy saving characteristics of LED torch products, China's future is likely to become the world's largest market for LED. In this case, LED to get the healthy development of the market in China, on the one hand depends on Government use of subsidies. In recent years a large number of new companies are LED flashlight industry. Finishing the company published figures; MOCVD equipment installed in China may reach 2000 units. So much money into an industry of people will promote the rapid development of the industry. But also requires that the Government guidance and regulation. The other hand, LED businesses need to tackle the problem of patents in China. Access to patent licensing, developing patented technology with overseas enterprises to set up joint venture introduction of patented technologies and so on are all good methods, some business the other day and wafer joint venture companies such as optoelectronics, Epically, Smiled, in the franchise's breakthrough has made good progress on.

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