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Medium LED flashlight control IC


United States Allegro listing of large and medium LED flashlight control IC for lights, drive 18 X6 parallel with LED.


United States Allegro Microsystems listed medium and large LCD back lights using LED flashlight control IC "A8516" (published in English). This is a step-up DC-DC converter circuit LED flashlight IC. Because no integrated switching components, so you need to prepare 1 external power MOSFET. Integrated 6 circuit current wells. 6 LED string can be driven simultaneously. Each series of series 18 LED on. You can drive LED back lights consisting of 18 series X6 parallel.


Boost type DC-DC converter for current-mode feedback loop control mode. 1 external resistor in 300k~1MHz allows a user to adjust the switching frequency in the context of. Input voltage range is +8~24V. Integrated in power MOSFET is drive voltage of 7V. So you can use a variety of power MOSFET. Drive current for each series of LED80mA (max). 1 external resistor can be used to set the drive current. Driving current drive current error between the tolerance of ± 0.6%,LED ± 0.6% (standard value). Using PWM dimming signal process, the external multilayer ceramic capacitor does not produce audible noise.


Medium and large LCD back lights using LED flashlight control IC

Over voltage protection, LED string short (Short) and open (Open) functions of protection, overheat protection,-by-cycle current limit and low input voltage protection function, and so on. TSSOP Package with 24 terminals SOICW and 24 terminals. Operating temperature range -40~+85 ° c.

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