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Panel factory inventories LED torch suffers


Driven by demand for lighting and backlighting, previously LED torch for the 3rd quarter of the season Outlook is optimistic, estimates revenues is expected to continue climbing, but panel makers start inventory dragged down since July, some LED orders to begin reducing Panel customers amid expected revenues higher than the backlight manufacturer, estimated before the 3rd quarter revenue may not be as optimistic.

Panel factory to the 3rd quarter of the economy tend to be conservative, order’s problems spread to the upper reaches of LED torch, it is understood that this reduction in procurement LED the Panel factory in South Korea, to be part of China again, legal view that Korean backlight share revenues of large LED torch, may camp received more influence in the 3rd quarter.

Crystaladmits that some customer orders, but orders are still greater than the capacity; this will be offset by other customer orders and therefore does not affect the overall revenue performance.

Forepaw upstream Epitomical manufacturers pointed out that forepart Panel factory inventory impact, specification of the LED chip is mainly due to customers being modified, after the 4th quarter, the new LED product specifications is expected to start shipping, coupled with the lighting needs to rise further in the second half, orders are now good, forepart monthly revenues are expected to continue to grow the kinetic energy.

Analysis of Thai Valley optoelectronics, now the 3rd quarter orders no problem, after all, now order and productivity differences are considerable, current market estimates global LED torch shipments this year, 36 million sets of "LED TV shipments only half, the remaining 18 million units, LED shipments to meet demand there are gaps. ”

Due to Dombey (2,499)-Korean Panel customers occupy a certain proportion, so the outside world is also very concerned about the situation in the 3rd quarter, to Dumber said Panel factory stock main CCFL (cold-cathode tubes), as to whether the inventory problems affecting East Bay revenues in the 3rd quarter, you will also need to observe.

Legal notes that Korea Panel has changed the specifications at the end of last year, now Korea manufacturers have also taken from July to August, unknown market update during the next generation LED chip products, estimated in September after the publication of new products, LED torch revenues are expected to regain momentum.

Although Crystal, forepaw not yet available revenues, corporate estimated Crystal, forepaw July revenues expected to grow than in June, revenues continued a new height; yesterday (4) day Ding Yuan (2,426), interpretation (2,486), macros, align (6,168) Announces July revenue, revenues were one after another all-time high record.

Hue XING (6,164) July consolidated revenues of 169 million Yuan, less than the June record high of 164 million dollars slightly, Hula XING pointed out that, since the main low-temperature lighting customers into the traditional off-season for the 3rd quarter LED torch, estimated about 10% 3rd quarter revenue will be less than the 2nd quarter.


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