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Advent new technologies can improve the quality of LED light-emitting material



Recent foreign media reports, North Carolina State University have found a lower number of gallium nitride thin film 2~3 level defects, new technologies to improve the quality of LED flashlight material.
Researchers, through this technique, the same input power to twice times more light output, low power input and range of ultraviolet light-emitting LED flashlight, this growth is substantial.
LED torch relies heavily on gallium nitride thin film light emitting diodes, researchers 2 microns thick, half the thickness of GaN thin film embedded in the long 2-Micron wide, 0.5 microns in space gap, found that many flaws are attracted and trapped in the void of space. This makes the void space reduction has many flaws. Therefore, they effectively place some gaps in the film space, succeeded in preventing the spread of defects to the remaining parts of the film. If this gap is not technology per square centimeter of gallium nitride thin film there will be about 1010 defects. After using this technology, however, defects will be reduced to about 107 per square cm. This can produce a higher-quality, more efficient light-emitting diodes.
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