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LED manipulation IC optional education


LED manipulation IC foremost applies in full-color mutation dimming manipulation CREE flashlight, LED flashlight, landscape lights, and other RGB full-color light source lamp synchronous scanning, full color discoloration manipulation. Followed by the LED light source throughout, more and more customers use to LED manipulation in control is optional on many of our customers no start now focus on the problem of market main stream LED product solutions as follows:
A low pressure type LED product of high-power manipulation
Low pressure type LED product is usually depicted voltage 12V-36V LED quantity of each circuit 3-6 series to buck current limiting resistors, each loop current of 20mA. An LED LED product consists of multiple loops, strengths, low voltage, layout brief, simple portrayed; defects: current product planning great demand for equipment low voltage switching power supply. Because of product defects, low pressure can not be long-distance transmission, are confined to a small volume of product, such as LED flashlight, small pictures, etc.. Depict standard: 12V optional 75A/30V MOS power tube manipulation, output current 8A / Road; 24-36V use 60A/50V MOS power tube manipulation, output current 5A / Road based on this feature, and manipulation. Users to manipulating the ones selected in accordance with the above criteria, the transition can buy low-pressure series, mutations also buy low-pressure series operators can. Focus on CREE flashlight is necessary is a common positive (+) connection method, manipulation is manipulation Yin (-) pole, manipulation does not include low-voltage power LED flashlight.
Second, the high-pressure type LED product manipulation
Pressure type LED the product depicts voltage is communication / DC 220V voltage, LED quantity of each loop 36-48 in series, each loop current of 20mA, current limiting, there are two ways, one is the resistive current limiting resistor power of this approach larger consumption, advocates the use of four LEDs in series a a 1/4W metal mold resistance CREE flashlight, evenly spread the heat, this connection is the most stable in the current. Another resistor capacitor in series current limiting, this connection most of the voltage drop in the capacitor, resistor power consumption, only secure long bright conditions, if the flash capacitor discharge, but doubles the voltage, LED simple damage . Whenever the use of manipulation LED need to use resistor current limiting method, LED Normally each loop one meter, power 5W, tri-color, power 15W per meter. The common mutations manipulation NE112K manipulating DC 1200W NE103D communication load 4500W DC load 1500W, if the lamp flashes unit multi-use NE112K, if only demand all the flashing on the use of NE103D. If the use of mutation method, it is necessary to pay attention to the load matching, LED flashlights and LED luminous spread characteristics are not the same, the same circuit can not be mixed or not the same type of load.
Third, the low-pressure type LED product serial manipulation
Low pressure type LED product serial manipulation features more than large ones, the intent of using the serial signal transmission reaches manipulating control usually needs only four 512-unit handling manipulation connection, CREE flashlight manipulate demand board with LED light source There are the register, manipulation optional type NE040S LED flashlight manipulation, to reach the maximum capacity of the manipulation 4096KBit, if the load of 512 units of LED to the completion of the 8192 screen.
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