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Always carry the choice of LED Flashlight


Many of my friends like to carry a flashlight, because one can expect the unexpected situations occur at any time, so it is necessary to carry an appropriate LED Flashlight.
So how to choose LED flashlight we need it? Mainly from the following aspects to consider:
1: With regard to the long-range floodlight, we all know that once the luminous body, then the long-range LED flashlight and floodlight often fail to take into account. A lot of branding flashlight floodlight how good, how good long-range, in fact, the most important thing is to do a reasonable match, we all know, Taoist vision of the eye can see something of the 200 meters at 1 meter in size, the eye is very good, So you buy a 500-meter long-range LED flashlight do? Brand Amypaul large number of such LED flashlight, of course, special circumstances may be used to get, but 200 meters has been good enough, within 200 meters Note floodlight is also critical;
2: select the volume size. Because everyday carry, certainly for the the fever level of cannon LED flashlight is not applicable, of course, is not the volume of the LED flashlight is as small as possible. Too small flashlight often only suitable for simple and close maintenance services, such as M-08 ( is ideal for maintenance use, the volume is small enough and bright enough, to see farther and brighter, but also need slightly The big point, in order to be able to put into the bag, such as the M-30 Amypaul mini flashlight, does not affect the daily life of the LED flashlight is appropriate.
3: Select and drop. Daily life, it is inevitable rain, drop, against wrestling is also critical, all Amypaul brand flashlight design to consider the environment that may be encountered in daily life, thus reinforcing the product field use of the environment, can fully meet the harsh environment field needs. They are suitable for home, going out at night, military training, police patrol, border search, rescue, geological exploration, adventure travel, border patrol, coastal patrol, rescue disaster, field work, tunneling operation, forest fire, airport inspections, rail inspections, archaeological and fire command, criminal investigation, dealing with traffic accidents, electrical repairs and other types of emergency lighting in the area.
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