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LED Flashlight waterproof test


LED Flashlight waterproof test, there is no specific standards should generally meet the water requirements of 2-3 meters underwater.
Waterproof test includes a second characteristic numeral 1-8, IPX1 to IPX8 protection class code.
List of waterproof grade the degree of protection for the LED light flashlight:
0 No protection No special protection
1 to prevent water intrusion to prevent the vertical dropping the water droplets
The still tilted 15 degrees to prevent water intrusion when the lamp is tilted 15 degrees, to prevent water
3 to prevent the injection of water intrusion to prevent rain or vertical jet of water into an angle less than 50 degrees direction
4 to prevent splashing water intrusion to prevent the ingress of splashing water from all directions
5 to prevent the rough sea water intrusion to prevent the rapid ejection of the large or blowhole water intrusion
6 to prevent the rough sea water intrusion lamps invasive water in a certain period of time or water pressure conditions, can still ensure the normal operation of the lamps
7 to prevent the invasion of water intrusion of water submersion of lamps indefinite under certain pressure conditions, and to ensure the normal operation of the luminaire
8 to prevent the sinking of the impact
The waterproof test has a different level of waterproof LED flashlight is divided into ordinary and diving LED flashlight - turn on the water with a flashlight flashlights can guarantee absorption is not damaged, diving flashlight can guarantee will not be damaged when swimming or diving, different specifications flashlight on the type of underwater depth - pressure type of pressure test, the test time according to the waterproofing performance of the flashlight varied.
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