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How to distinguish between true and false LED Flashlight ?


Flashlight is powered by the battery reaches the lamp, so that the light emitting body. The 2013 Flashlight rapid of development, more and more people is participated in research and development and other aspects of the production and sales of LED Flashlight. With the intensification of the market, many small manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the production of a large number of unqualified products into the market, especially Taobao seller, almost to the point of all-pervasive, especially to do the following description, in order to make the average consumer to buy the product of wishful LED flashlight, Amypaul brand only genuine denial of waste products. LED flashlight market development is key to the quality of the competitors through market research analysis, the state of the market incentive trend in the future, in the fierce competition among enterprises, who have the largest market advantage, the key is quality.
Torch Maintenance: 1: after each use with a clean soft cloth on the torch to wipe
2: When the torch is contaminated with sea water or corrosive liquids cleaned with water and blow dry hair with the point.
3: When the lamp, and end caps twist is not smooth at the interface coated with a small amount of lubricant
4: bright LED flashlight when not in use, remove the batteries placed in the shade retained.
I pay more attention to the LED flashlight market, which makes light flashlight market increasingly large, more and more people concern. Prevent Maidaojiahuo or defective LED flashlight, simple, practical and easy to carry, is suitable for home essentials, experts advise consumers to be sure to choose, the home glare LED flashlight long-term preparation, can not talk to inadvertently come in handy at a critical moment as much as possible to reduce losses, enhance self-protection! Explosion-proof light the flashlight in fire and other flammable and explosive places you can use, and when safe and reliable; carefully test its performance. article from the LED flashlight manufacturers,
Optional light explosion-proof LED Flashlight - master a few key points, you can easily buy high-quality flashlight: The following is to explain the lithium battery protection circuit: New battery power is not too much; battery in the first time you use it, you do not need charging time is too long, the treatment can be based only on the charger charging indicator; charging, the charger charging speed, when the color change of the indicator immediately remove the battery, not too filling, recommended charging time should not exceed 3-5 hours. Flashlight use day-to-day routine maintenance, it can continue to provide you with high quality service. A. look at the surface: fine workmanship. B. Material: Aluminum alloy look. C. to see the light source: CREE be good D. see circuit: solder joints uniform rules, do not select the droppings welding or gluing LED Flashlight (the unprofessional for like to do), select the "fish-scale welding, dense and uniform quality; bright LED flashlight or packaging must be above the manufacturer certificate, model, name, address, etc. If your battery with protection circuit (with anti-overcharge and over discharge) would not look to the following.
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