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How to choose Women LED flashlight?


Now more and more female friends to buy LED flashlights please consult Amypaul female flashlight.
Women need then you need to pay attention to those details LED Flashlight it? The first is the weight, ladies suit choose mini flashlight, mini flashlight as light weight, easy to carry, such as Amypaul M-21, just use the CR123 batteries, length of less than 10cm, while the brightness up to 180Lm, can be said to be dapper, very suitable for women friends use. The second is the daily and easy to carry, Amypaul mini flashlight is not only high brightness, generally equipped with a mounting hole, you can hand rope can be hung on a keychain, very convenient to carry. The third is the daily water resistance, many of my friends like to focus flashlight, but actually market a lot of very poor focusing flashlight waterproof, does not prevent the daily rain, a short soak. Fourth, quality, market LED flashlight is now mixed, saves for the moment a lot of friends, and ultimately deceived. Fifth, looks good, Amypaul stick with excellent appearance, handsome style to make each LED flashlight. Amypaul brand flashlights are military quality and quality trustworthy.
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