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Make use of the heat emitting palm kinetic drive LED Flashlight Lamp


15-year-old Canadian girl Ann - Marco Sings Based on 2012 participated in another science fair, she is exhibiting another flashlight, using kinetic drive LED lights, first of all, she measured the palm of heat energy to produce about 57 milliwatts , to maintain the electrical power required LED lights around 0.5 mW; next, she uses another assembly - Peltier tiles, when the one side and the other side cooling heat generated when the current; eventually she will Perle ceramic posts and the circuit connected to a hollow aluminum tube, the tube can be cooled by a Peltier gas tiles, tiles while heating the other side of the palm, in which electricity can be generated under the effect of temperature. The torch light is very soft release, but enough to find your keys or illuminate book page.
This LED flashlight by the KazuhiroYamanaka design, which itself looks like as simple. It has a built-in LED lights, when the paper is bent tubular including two hidden switch is open, when the paper flat again when it will go out. This is not the first paper design of the lamp, but it is definitely the easiest we've seen a paper lantern.
     This LED flashlight is so smart, it does not seem to be anywhere to sell, because it might not be a good flashlight. However, if you need a flashlight can be hidden, it will be by far the best choice for you.
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