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LED Flashlight Price Analysis


With the popularity of LED flashlight, more and more manufacturers to join the ranks of production, the market began to appear a lot of vicious competition ensuing from tens to thousands of cheap flashlight can be seen. About LED Flashlight prices, we can be analyzed from a cost perspective, the general form of the first flashlight flashlight casing, driver board and accessories, following on these common accessories and price to make a simple analysis, hoping to be helpful to consumers :
1: For the cost of lamp beads: roughly speaking from imported and domestic, domestic lamp beads relatively inexpensive and more, but life and brightness of less than a standard lamp beads imported, technically gap does exist; while imports of LED lamp beads there are now common CREE, USA lumens, Philips, etc., which CREE most common, single lamp beads price from a few to more than 100 have, of course, the highlight series has integrated thousands; secondly from the LED flashlight lamp beads situation, the use of domestic and cree lamp beads ones, the U.S. flow light beads for high-end LED flashlight. Amypaul brand flashlight all imported lamp beads, and have been rigorously tested.
2: For aluminum plates, lamp beads following thermal conductivity of the aluminum plate is often no one noticed, the price from a few cents to a few dollars there, spread mainly from materials and environmental differences.
3: For the cost of driver board, driver board is a simple capacitor resistance, along with the development of technology, began to appear smart IC control, while the IC is also divided into domestic and imported, there are several times the cost of the gap, and good IC can extend the life of LED flashlights. Of course, there are adverse market manufacturers, do not drive plate, but simple series resistor.
4: LED flashlight housing costs, the first is the gap between the aluminum alloy material, the current national standard industrial aluminum 6061, and air level is 6075, and now many manufacturers unified identity aviation level, the actual situation is not so, there's also a great gap.
These are Amypaul LED Flashlight simple cost analysis, we want to help you to buy flashlights.
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