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Keep track of the latest four spy camera flashlight

Read a variety of spy films have a friend who wants a cool spy gadgets themselves, from China Amypaul brand recently introduced the variety of the latest spy LED flashlight device. These high-definition video recording flashlight and everyday items mixed together does make it difficult to distinguish between electronic devices, can be used to combat patrol, investigations and other criminal cases, after reading the hope that readers can add some experience to protect their privacy.
LED flashlight camera (with a red laser pointer function)
This is not an ordinary flashlight, it is built in 2GB memory, support up to 32GB microSD card to expand into space, can record 720P HD pixel resolution at 30fps avi format video, capture 1600 × 1200 resolution in JPEG format photos up to continuous video 35 minutes (after the expansion is different), using the USB interface for file transfer and charging. Currently this LED flashlight camera adequate supply and reasonable price, worth having.
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