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Creative LED flashlight collection

Latest creative LED flashlight , mini flashlight collection, along with the diverse needs of people on the products , not limited to the flashlight , flashlight variety of creative emerging, following on the market to do several simple instructions.
Moreover , the phone also has a front LED flashlight, climbers or travel is also very convenient to carry and use .
LED Bulb LED Portable Flashlight
When a power outage at home , you will look for stumbling gait flashlight it ? Recently, a built-in lithium battery LED bulbs to solve this problem. Interestingly , Ascella can also be removed from its socket , used as a flashlight . Ascella built-in battery life up to 3 hours . Ascella lamp life of three hours a day using frequencies up to 18 years.
LED flashlight camera
Remember earlier Xiaobian introduced the "LED flashlight type cameras " do ? Frenzied plus point the wrong skill tree 11 District People recently made ​​a LED flashlight camera is an upgraded version , and now we have to look at this new LED flashlight camera how powerful it ! Of course, the brightness of light worthy of improvement .
Camera LED mini flashlight
Simple camera flashlight, entry level .
Paper tube luminous flashlight
This LED flashlight by the KazuhiroYamanaka design , which itself looks like as simple . It has a built-in LED lights , when the paper is bent tubular including two hidden switch is open , when the paper flat again when it will go out. This is not the first paper design of the lamp , but it is definitely the easiest we've seen a paper lantern .
Nostalgia flashlight
This flashlight by the famous Japanese electronics makers Muji manufactured , which uses stainless steel , rectangular , but in the four corners have done to the corner of the design, very attentive . Flashlight color is white , is provided with a metal handle , looks much like the previous railway employee use of portable lamp .
LED mini flashlight
Osram Silver Wizard 0.5W LED flashlight with a high-brightness white LED particles (0.5W), aluminum alloy, surface after oxidation , never rust. Suitable for home , portable use .
6 : The latest set of high-definition video , audio, video support 720P HD camera Amypaul flashlight , Amypaul will be a no previous provide quality products.
Amypaul camera flashlight
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