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2014 LED Flashlight market analysis

  China has a huge industrial lighting and lighting markets. China now is a big country and exit lighting electricity production of the world's great powers. By supporting the "863 plan" science and technology program, China has initially formed from the epitaxial film production, chip preparation, equipment, integrated application package more complete industrial chain, now the country engaged in the semiconductor LED lighting system equipment and production scale has been exceeded 400 companies, encapsulated in the international market accounts for a considerable share. Decorative lighting, automotive lighting market, traffic lights, LED lighting has a huge potential. Currently, the market is not big power LED, high prices blocked the development of LED lighting field.
LED Flashlight Industry News, LED flashlight market research, LED flashlight prospects, LED flashlight data analysis, LED flashlight industry analysis, LED flashlight market analysis, LED flashlight market share; paper shows LED flashlight is a LED (light emitting diode) light source for a new types of flashlights. Because the LED with high brightness, low power consumption, long life, small size and other characteristics, it is ideal for portable lighting.
 Must clearly be seen in high brightness LED key technologies needed to master, semiconductor lighting, whether it is a breakthrough in the true sense of the material, equipment, or chip packaging technology, applied technology has not been implemented on the ground. The industry has not yet formed the scale, in the international market share is very low, most of the low-level product, less high-end products, new product development capability and other issues, should be strengthened to develop LED products with independent intellectual property rights has become a pressing issue for the moment. In the domestic market demand, the gradual improvement of people's living standards, environmental quality of life are increasingly high requirements, demanding higher lighting products. New architectural lighting standards development work has been completed, after being approved, the new basic standards with international standards, in different lighting situations growing demand, we also need to adapt to the new production enterprise standards, where all types of lighting provide the appropriate products. From the international market, some products in the international market is still at a low level, our products with the international advanced level there is a big difference compared to. In addition, LED floodlights if a large number of low-quality, low-cost exports, but also anti-dumping lawsuits, thus affecting the export industry as a whole.

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