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Flashlight brand 2014

Flashlight brand in the United States is certainly the best surefire . Speaking Surefire flashlights, many are not familiar with a flashlight friend almost fainted because of the small domestic brands with "fire " word flashlight too much, for example UltraFire, UniqueFire, Supfire so many people these are mistaken for Surefire flashlight, in fact the least bit of difference , hack away .
SureFire SureFire really only the United States , English is the SUREFIRE, is the world's best flashlight brand , expensive , generally a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars , even tens of thousands of expensive models above , within one thousand dollars of models are not much , so easily confused for Surefire brand friend, just look at the price , it is almost surefire really understand it. There are also imported brands INOVA flashlights and gannets , etc., have made ​​Langyan , then there JETBEAM and FENIX , the price is not cheap , look at individual needs. As for the so-called domestic Surefire , namely UltraFire, general or translated into super or ultra Surefire fire , flashlight belonging to middle and low , with the front of these immeasurably , and you can see basically imitation, not expensive genuine , quality uneven, such as common C8/Q5, cheap two thirty, a hundred expensive , certainly not with the really cheap accessories, Fudge layman can understand people , the quality is not OK , no more than the work .
Amypaul flashlight just do best LED flashlight.
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