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M LED mini flashlight

M-30 brightness mini flashlight

M-30 brightness mini flashlight
M-30 brightness mini flashlight Display pictures2 Display pictures3
  • Model No.M-30
  • Logo.Amypaul or Print your logo
  • Size.127mm x 25.4mm
  • Max Brightness.225 Lumen
  • Light Colourwhite or blue or green



Light source: CREE R2/3/5 LED, Max: 225Lm, colour temperature6800-8000,Life time50000-100000hours.
Weight:77g(not include battery)
Effective Range: Max250M;
Light Grades:  2 models,model 1: Max-Strobe; model 2: Max-Middle-Low;
Battery: 1 x 18650(2200mAh)Li-Battery;
Charge Way: Outside Charge;
Circuit:  Constant Circuit;
Glass: Import HD toughened Glass;
Material: T6061 aluminum alloy shell (Exact CNC produce)+Hard anodized
Reflector:  Vacuum coating aluminum alloy light reflector (smooth or orange peel);
Waterproof: Special silicon waterproof circle,  IPX8 level;
Usage:  Police, traffic, fire-fight, water project, forestry, outdoor, explore, trip and so on;
Note: Please don't shot to people's eyes, can be short-time blind, especially children.
The follow news from our company (don't need to read it):
In rendering the company making rendering a plan, engineering company match again some light work. Strictly speaking, this may not be lighting designer. Rendering don not actual lighting can show. Therefore, the real lighting design industry in China, still should is just beginning. There may be some overseas stylist to come over, but also just for a project, is not permanent.
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