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M LED mini flashlight

M-18 mini led flashlight EDC

M-18 mini led flashlight EDC
  • Model No.M-18
  • Logo.Amypaul or Print your logo
  • Size.102mm x 21.5mm
  • Max Brightness.225 Lumen
  • Light Colour


M-18 mini amypaul EDC flashlight

This is a Magnet Tail Anglelight, the head can rotate 60 degree led flashlight.
Shell: T6061 Aluminum alloy 
LED chipset: CREE XPG  Q5/R2 (Now all update CREE R2)  Life time 5000-100000 hours
Max: 225Lm
Voltage: 1.5V-3.7V  
Battery: 1 x 14500 Li-battery or 1 x AA battery 
Model: Max-Middle-Strobe
Runing time: 4 hours
Effective range: 70M 
Switch: Head Switch    
Size: 110mm x 20mm
Weight: 85g (exclude battery)
Sales: LED glare flashlight, LED long-range flashligh
You can buy belt from our company and take it on the head, and make it more easy to take anywhere.
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