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T LED Tactical Flashlight

T-15 mini high power led tactical torch

T-15 mini high power led tactical torch
  • Model No.T-15
  • Logo.Amypaul or Print your logo
  • Size.93mm x 26mm
  • Max Brightness.250 Lumen
  • Light Colour


Model no.: T-15 

Usage: EDC, tactical flashlight;
Size: 93mm x 26mm;
Weight: 95g(not include battery);
Material: 6061-T6 aluminium alloy;
LED lamp: America CREE XRE R2/R5;
Max brightness: 250Lm;
Models brightness: Max-Low-Strobe;
Battery: CR123A li-battery or 16340 rechargeable li-battery;
This tactical flashlight has been passed strictly testing, and export to many countries, includes the following test:
1: PTT(Remote control switch) testing: Pass on-off cycle above 20000 times test with eletricity load, switch function is normal, a. Cable connection to the flashlight and to the PTT itself must be stronger;
2: The back cap and the tube can be assembled or disassembled for more than 500 times;
3: Water-proof testing: 1 meter for 1H (water in normal temperature);
4: Operational testing: Put flashlight in oven/fridge at -35c and 50c for 12H – the test must be done quickly at these temperatures;
5: Drop testing: 1 meter 3 different directions ,Totally 3 drops.
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