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Bicycle headlights

B-32U2B02 2 x CREE U2 LED bicycle lights

B-32U2B02 2 x CREE U2 LED bicycle lights
B-32U2B02 2 x CREE U2 LED bicycle lights Display pictures2 Display pictures3
  • Model No.B-32U2B02
  • Logo.Amypaul or Print your logo
  • Size.80mm x 42mm
  • Max Brightness.1850 Lumen
  • Light Colour


Please note this led bicycle lights is not only a bicycle lights, also can use as a led headlights. 

This is just showing one colour, but if you need, we can supply different colors for OEM order. Refer to 
Numbers rules when you choose our products.
1: Models of brightness: Max-Low-Strobe-one lights-two lights (Standard product), we can make 1-5 different models for you;
2: Lumens of output: Max: 1800Lm, Low: 300 Lumens, Strobe: 1850 Lumens;
3: Running time (Use our Standard battery): Max model: 3.5hours, Low: 10hours; Strobe: 2hours;
4: Effective range: 500Meter;
5: Circuit function: constant current circuit and keep the same brightness, protecting battery;
6: LED lamp: 2 x CREE U2 led, life time 50000-100000 hours;
7: Battery: 6 x 18650 (4400mAh) Li-battery;
8: Material of shell: T6061 standard aluminum alloy, and hard anodized surface;
9: Switch: line control switch design with power indicated lights;
10: Color: black, bule, green, red......OEM is up to you;
11: Processing way: make by CNC lathe and high precision for every fitting;
12: High-definition vacuum coating aluminum alloy reflective glass (orange or smooth surface).
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